Jawahar Lal Nehru Issues (India & Foreign)

Jawaharlal Nehru - India's first Prime Minister and the founder of almost all aspects of its modern growth. Jawaharlal Nehru was a multi-feceted personality. Loved by the people of India as a patriot and tireless fighter for freedom, he symbolised the newly emerging forces which have served to transform our age. Nehru was the foremost disciple of Mahatma Gandhi and translated the Mahatma's philosophy into a concrete plan of action for the independence of India. When this was achieved in 1947, Nehru served the nation for 17 years as its Prime Minister.

Bhutan,IV F.D.C
Bulgaria,1 value mint
Czechoslovakia,1 value mint
Dominica,1V mint

Dominica,1V mint


Egypt ,1value mint
Indonesia 2005, M/Sheet
Indonesia 2005,1 value mint
Iraq 1982, 1V mint
IRAQ 1982-J.L Nehru-Block of 4-MNH
IRELAND 1989-J.L. Nehru-1 Value-MNH
Laos 1989 set of, 3 mint
Liberia 1989 set of 2, mint
Mongolia, 1 Value, Mint
Russia 1989, 1V mint
Russia 1989, 1V on F.D.C
Senegal, 2 Value-Mint Imperf
SYRIA 1989-1 Value-Mint
Turkey, 1V mint
Yemen P.D.R, 1V mint
Yemen P.D.R, 1V on F.D.C