Albums and Accessories

Of all the accessories available to the stamp collector, the album is, without a doubt the most important, Stamps spoiled due to bad keeping or handling became unattractive and worthless. A good album is essential if one's stamp collection is to have any point at all. Every stamp collector needs basic equipment in addition to the stamp album. To affix the used stamps to album pages the Transparent hinges are the best. A good quality hinge is of thin strong paper and double gummed to make it easier to peel off. Mint (unused) stamps require stamp mounts. Tweezers must be used instead of fingers to avoid stamps becoming dirty in handling. Anybody can use tweezers, even by both hands, by little practice. And finally get yourself a good magnifier. For specialized stamp collections and for research work, several advanced equipment are available. The perforation gauge is essential to sort out Perforation varieties in stamps. A watermark detector helps determining the watermark of the stamp and is a must to find out the watermark varieties. Stamp collectors participating in exhibitions are advised to use standard size loose leaves and clear transparent protective cover for the leaves. Arrows are used to point out the variety or any other marking of special significance in the stamp exhibit.